For three consecutive years, eduSpace has been awarded as one of the top three best tuition centres in Yishun.


Trusted by Parents and Students in Yishun.

Since 2013, eduSpace has been engaging both students and parents in Yishun intensively. We have won multiple awards and are the Yishun tuition centre with the highest number of 5-Star Ratings on Google Reviews.

  • Small class sizes
  • Tutors who care
  • For all skill levels
  • Competitive pricing
  • Parents updated every 10-12 weeks
  • Open feedback channels with parents
Tutor in Yishun with students

Our Tuition Programmes at Yishun.

eduSpace is an MOE Registered tuition centre in Yishun that provides English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science tuition classes to various levels of education, from Primary, Secondary, to Junior College.

English Tuition
Our English tuition programme in Yishun is taught by highly qualified tutors passionate about helping learners like your child achieve their English language goals. We make sure that each student gets the attention and support they need.

Classes Available

  • Primary
  • Secondary
Mathematics Tuition
Our Math tuition programme in Yishun provide the right help and support to help students master complex concepts. Our experienced math tutor will use a variety of teaching methods to ensure that each student learns in a way that is effective for him or her.

Classes Available

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Junior College
Science Tuition
Our Science tuition programme in Yishun makes science easy to learn. We help students master science fundamentals to understand specific concepts and apply them to complex questions in class.

Classes Available

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Junior College
Chinese Tuition
Our Chinese Tuition in Yishun was designed to help students improve their interest, proficiency and confidence in Chinese. Our tutors are highly experienced in creating engaging learning environments for students using diverse teaching methods.

Classes Available

  • Primary
  • Secondary





  • 小学
  • 中学


  • 小学
  • 中学
  • 初级学院


  • 小学
  • 中学
  • 初级学院


  • 小学
  • 中学
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Why Do Parents Prefer eduSpace?

01. Intimate Class Environment
Classes at eduSpace's Yishun tuition centre are designed to give your child the best possible learning experience in a conducive environment. Students can interact more closely with their tutors and classmates, further enhancing their grasp of concepts.
02. Tackle Changing Formats & Concepts
Our tutors consistently review the MOE syllabus and latest exam papers to identify any trending questions, formats or concepts. As such, our students are always prepared and taught ahead of time, so that they can face any assignment and exam confidently.
03. Never Forget Key Concepts
We strategically implement revision papers throughout the year to help students consistently reinforce their knowledge.
04. Exam Confidence
We conduct practice tests that simulate an exam environment, allowing our students to practice working under time constraints and to identify areas for further reinforcement.
05. Success Beyond the Classroom
In addition to academic skills, we help students understand and develop essential life skills so they can be well-rounded and ready to face the challenges of the real world.
06. Regular Updates With Parents
Every 10-12 weeks, our tutors at Yishun will provide parents with updates on their child's progress, about his or her strengths and areas for improvement.

Receive Support Beyond the Classroom.


Make Informed Decisions

At eduSpace, we provide parents with the information they need to make decisions at critical points of their child's academic journey. With a holistic understanding of their child's strengths and weaknesses, parents can effectively make the best decision according to their child's needs.

These decisions typically include:

1) Selecting the right Secondary School after PSLE

2) Selecting the right Subject Combination in Secondary 2

3) Choosing between Junior College or Polytechnic pathways after GCE O-Levels

4) Choosing a University after Diploma / GCE A-Levels


What Parents & Students Say.


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Regardless of Proficiency

At eduSpace, we believe every student deserves the opportunity to reach his or her full potential, regardless of existing aptitude. Every tutor is committed to providing the support and guidance students need to succeed.

If your child is underperforming, we can help identify problem areas and develop a plan to improve their grades. We will work with your child to develop study skills, deepen his or her understanding of the material, and boost his or her confidence.

If your child is already doing well, we can take skills to the next level. Students will be challenged with more advanced materials to further refine their understanding, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We will also help students prepare for the exams more thoroughly.

At eduSpace, we cover Primary, Secondary and Junior College levels. We do not teach material related to Pre Primary.


Meet Our Tutors.

At eduSpace, our tutors recognise the crucial role that tutors play in inspiring and guiding students towards success and holistic development. At our Yishun Tuition Centre, our experienced tutors are experts in their subject areas and are passionate about helping students succeed. 
Mr Jovan Lim
Primary, Secondary & Junior College
Mr Jayden Lim
Primary & Secondary
Mr Lawrence Lau
Primary & Secondary
Miss Kwah Yan Sin
Primary & Secondary
Mr Kelvin Zhang
Primary & Secondary
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Need help locating us in Yishun?

eduSpace was established in 2013 and has expanded across multiple tuition centres over the years. You can use the map provided to navigate to the correct tuition centre in Yishun. Our Yishun Tuition Centre is not to be confused with our other branch in Khatib.

Yishun Tuition Centre (eduSpace @ 927)

927 Yishun Central 1, #01-173, Singapore 760927

Located near schools such as:

- Yishun Town Secondary School
- Huamin Primary School
- Yishun Innova Junior College
- Northbrooks Secondary School
- Jiemin Primary School
- Northland Primary School

Our Yishun tuition centre is conveniently located along near Yishun MRT Station, Northpoint City, Nee Soon Central Community Club, Nee Soon East Community Club, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and Yishun Community Hospital.


Parents & Students Frequently Ask.

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What is the non-refundable deposit for?
What happens if my child misses a class? Will there be a replacement class?
Are the programmes at eduSpace aligned with the MOE syllabus?
What fees do I have to pay upon enrolling at eduSpace?
How do I make payment for programme fees?
What if there is a 5th lesson for the month? What if the lesson falls on a public holiday?
What is the procedure for withdrawal?
MOE Registered Tuition Centre

Our Yishun Tuition Programmes.

As an MOE registered Yishun tuition centre in Singapore, we maintain the highest standards of teaching, and cover all the latest MOE related syllabus across English, Chinese, Mathematics, and Science.
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