Zelda Ang

The tutors would update me on her progress and also what they have covered so far. eduspace’s tutors are very knowledgeable, friendly and teach with a heart. I have recommended eduSpace to my friends as I felt their pricing was reasonable and most importantly the tutors truly care about the students be it their studies or well-being.

Parent of eduSpace student (4 years)


After joining eduSpace, my confidence in answering math questions improved drastically as I was more sure of my methods. I jumped 4 grades from my prelims to ‘A’ level. Jovan is a friendly tutor who treats us to snacks after lessons and it is easy to approach him when I’m in doubt. eduSpace has small classes which I find really helps me to learn better than other tuition centres.

JC Student

Mei Lee Leong

My girls’ result has greatly approved in which she has learnt different techniques in understanding well the logic and concept behind that drive her progressive improvement in the subject. Really appreciate that we have chosen the right center to enable my girl to master and learn this subject in which she has score pretty well in her exam always. Keep up the good work and the spirit @eduSpace.

Parent of eduSpace student (6 years)


My grades for additional mathematics was very bad before joining eduSpace and have improved gradually after joining. Ultimately, I obtained a B4 for Olevels. I became more confident in the subject due to the teacher's clear and simple teaching method and study techniques which are very easy to understand and efficient in solving the questions. eduSpace is a great and reliable tuition centre because the tutors are very patient and caring which allows students to learn quickly. I would definitely recommend eduSpace to my friends and relatives.

O Level Student

Jenny Lim

My son constantly requested to change tuition centers and teachers. eduSpace is the only place he willingly went for classes without being told and remain loyal till his graduation from secondary school. Teachers like Lawrence, Jovan and Jayden are life coaches to my kids, they are not simply tutors. They would update us on the progress of our kids and discussed how both parties can help the children. When my kids really need that extra push and classes before critical level exams, the teachers even offered them to attend additional classes without extra charges. This is something you can never find in other tuition centers.

Parent of 2 eduSpace students

Jing En

Thanks to eduspace, my additional mathematics and chemistry grades have drastically improved from F9 to A2! The tutors are extremely welcoming, friendly and will often strive to help you understand the concepts well. They really go out of their way to help students improve in their studies. I love how there’s always a fun atmosphere during tuition as our tutors will really try to make lessons enjoyable for us :) Would 100% recommend eduspace to my friends and fellow students who need assistance to pull up your grades !!!

O Level Student

Goh TY

I am glad that I attended lessons with eduSpace; the teachers are engaging and would take the extra mile to ensure that I understand concepts deeply.

Under eduSpace, my Amath improved significantly from F9 in prelims to B3 for O Levels. It reflects shows the high quality of guidance I received under the tutors.

Would definately reccomand anyone to join :))

O Level Student

Rachel Toh

The tutors there were very supportive and kind towards their students, ensuring that everyone in class understood the lesson before moving on. The class atmosphere was fun as tutors would sometimes create fun jokes related to the subject to help us memorise better. Overall throughout my 4 years of experience with Eduspace, I could say that my grades have improved a lot and I was able to enjoy learning.


Cheryl Eu

I’m happy to join eduSPace tuition for A level math!! the teachers are very patient in their teaching and they are always willing to put in extra time and effort to go the extra miles for us!!! especially for students who are more afraid to ask questions, the teachers are also very friendly so students will take more initiative to ask questions and clarify their doubts:)

A Level Student


The facilities are accommodating and the teachers are incredibly friendly! Whenever I require help for my academics they are always there to provide assistance and insight as to how I can go about solving the problem and this has helped me tremendously. My grades have improved by a lot as a result(such as my math going from B3 to A1) in just 3 months! I would highly recommend eduSpace to anyone who are searching for a good tuition centre with experience tutors and a conducive studying environment.


Anthea Chua

My grades improved tremendously for O levels. The teacher was very passionate, dedicated and was extraordinarily encouraging! Teachings were thorough and lots of practices were provided which helped me to find and learn from my mistakes. He made hard concepts easier to understand and digest. I highly recommend joining eduSpace if you want better results!

O Level Student

JYWY Yueng

eduSpace is unique from other tuition centre where my daughter still opt to come back yishun for Math & science lessons even we shifted. I recall heartwarming school holiday outing/eating for kids was good bonding amongst tutors and students. Regularly update from whatsapp /call on topic being taught also good update progress to parent that such followup rarely found in other usual tuition centre. Well done Lawrence and team. Strongly recommend. Thanks

Parent of eduSpace student

Malar Vizhi

eduSpace helped my daughter really a lot since primary school. They helped my daughter in science and maths and she got good marks in those subject(s). eduSpace too pushed her to really excel and stand out in her secondary school from normal tech. to normal acad. to express. eduSpace teachers were really helpful to her by giving her homeworks and detailed lesson classes. I would recommend eduSpace to my friends and family members.

Parent of eduSpace student

Raphaela Lee

I have been under eduspace from Primary 3 till Secondary 4. I improved from C6 to B3 in Olevels for chemistry. Lawrence would always provide detailed notes and ensure we understand before moving on to other topics. He also gave me the confidence to tackle higher level questions during examinations. Mr Aylwyn who taught me biology helped me improved from D7 to B3 in Olevels. He would always give us additional practices to ensure we understood various topics. Throughout my 8 years here, it was a pleasant experience thanks to the teachers:)

Student (8 years)

Sharon Yeo

After Jerel started tuition at eduSpace, he became much more confident in both E and A maths and started having greater interest and motivation to learn and pick up the subject! The tutors at eduSpace also made sure to do regular check ins on Jerel’s progress and gave encouragement to him. The tutor and Jerel’s interaction went beyond just between a teacher and a student, taking on a role of a mentor and giving advise on subject combinations he could consider after O’ levelsI would definitely recommend eduSpace to my friends and relatives as it really helped Jerel excel and even till now shows great interest in learning and improving in the subject

Parent of eduSpace student

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