Tackle Challenging Problems With Ease

At eduSpace we believe that every child has the potential to excel in Math, regardless of their current proficiency. With the right conceptual frameworks, adequate guidance, and a conducive learning environment, students can be empowered to grow from fearing Math to confident individuals who enjoy and look forward to Math lessons!

Having taught students for 10+ years, we empathise with how parents feel when they witness their child struggling academically. It is even more frustrating when parents cannot help their child, because the methods used to derive the answer are not aligned with the MOE syllabus.

Math tuition programmes at eduSpace are student-centric: They are tailored to the unique needs of each student. Our tutors adapt their teaching methods to student learning styles, ensuring students are meaningfully engaging with the material taught. We also place a strong emphasis on creating a friendly, non-judgemental environment where students can ask questions and receive feedback without fearing how others might think. 

With the right techniques and support, Math doesn’t need to be difficult. Our experienced educators are here to equip your child with exactly what he or she needs to confidently answer even the most challenging Math problems.

How Exam-Ready will my child be?

While our tutors ensure that students are equipped with skills to excel in Mathematics, we are also prepared to assist them in examination preparations to the minute calculation.

We have studied and assessed past examination papers from various schools in Singapore to be able to provide the students with the knowledge to tackle each question, ranging from decimals to trigonometry. 

Watch an example of a previous exam question below: 

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How Our Classes Help Your Child.

Skills Based Learning

Focused on honing problem-solving and other higher order thinking skills, our curated resources help students break down complex concepts into relatable, easy-to-understand content that aids understanding and content recall.

Value-Added Instruction

At eduSpace, we’re here to add value - not repeat - what has been taught at school. We are familiar with common mistakes students make, and are able to provide guidance on the right heuristics, strategies, and techniques that not only deepen your child’s grasp of the subject matter.

Dedicated Tutors

Our Math tutors are highly experienced. From helping your child with school homework, to spending extra time outside of class for that final confidence boost just before major exams, we make sure your child receives the help and support he or she needs to excel at their own pace.


Students who enrol for our Math programme not only receive ample timed practices for the exams, they are also exposed to a wide variety of “trendy” challenging questions and how to approach them. To further enhance your child’s exam confidence, our educators also provide guidance on how best to prepare for the exams mentally, physically, and emotionally to help students excel.

Partnering with Parents

As parents ourselves, we resonate with wanting only the best for your child. We understand the importance of partnering with you to ensure your child receives the necessary support required for his or her academic success. As such, we regularly share updates on your child’s progress and offer tips on how you can support your child holistically at home.

Holistic Enrichment

While our goal is to prepare your child for academic success, it doesn’t end there for us. Your child’s wellbeing is also paramount to us. This is what we believe sets eduSpace apart from other Math tuition centres in Singapore. We intentionally create a safe and healthy environment for your child to grow and learn in. This opens up opportunities to impart good moral values and life lessons necessary for success beyond the classroom.


What age groups do you cater to?

Our Math Tuition is available for Primary, Secondary School and Junior College students in Singapore.

Lower Primary

At the Lower Primary level, students are exposed to numerical skills and key concepts such as fractions and decimals. Our educators draw from real-life scenarios to help students engage meaningfully with the material. Foundational heuristics, critical thinking and other problem-solving skills are introduced and honed in preparation for your child’s first formal Math exam.

Upper Primary

Advanced concepts such as percentages and mixed numbers are introduced at the Upper Primary level. Math programmes are designed to refine key skills developed in the earlier years. To equip our PSLE students for the exams, our Upper Primary Math Tuition classes will place a heavier emphasis on exam and time management skills, ensuring your child faces the exams with confidence and ease.

Lower Secondary

Given the differences in the Primary and Secondary Math syllabus structures, our Lower Secondary programmes are structured to help students adapt to a new way of learning. Students are exposed to more real-life problems and delve deeper into familiar topics of geometry, percentage, and statistics. Additionally, foundational analytical skills required for the O and N Level Math exams are honed at this stage.

Upper Secondary

Our Upper Secondary programmes cater to both E-Math and A-Math students (Elementary and Additional Maths), each tailored to the rigours of each course syllabus. Each programme is structured and paced with the national exams in mind, enabling students to have ample practice and exposure to challenging questions.

Junior College

A necessary foundation for a wide range of University courses, our Junior College programmes integrate a combination of exam skills, while providing students the opportunities to hone their application and analytical abilities. We understand that the pressure to excel can be immense. As such, students are well-supported holistically through regular check-ins from our tutors.

Lower Primary

Our Science tuition classes at the Primary level focus on honing exam-based skills, while nurturing a sense of confidence and interest in the subject. Our Primary 3 classes are tailored to helping students adjust to Primary School Science.

Upper Primary

Our Upper Primary Science Tuition (Primary 4 and 5 classes) focuses on developing a grasp of the subject matter, refining observational and thinking skills and exam techniques, while developing your child’s confidence in Science. With the PSLE exams on the horizon, our Primary 6 students go through a rigorous revision process to fill in any knowledge gaps. Primary school students are also exposed to challenging questions to stretch their critical thinking skills.

Lower Secondary

Our Lower Secondary Science Science lessons at eduSpace equip students with the necessary skills and attitudes to handle the rigour of Upper Secondary levels. Some emphasis on building confidence is also required to prepare Secondary School students. Content topics come to life with practical examples delivered in an engaging format to nurture your child’s interest in Science, while honing their ability to apply concepts – a critical requirement to score well in Science.

Upper Secondary

Our Upper Secondary Science classes strike a delicate balance between consolidating your child’s understanding of content topics while honing essential exam-based skills. We offer lessons for Secondary students undertaking Pure and Combined Science tracks, for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology for O and N Levels.

Junior College

At eduSpace, our qualified tutor specialises in teaching H2 Physics and Chemistry. A critical requirement for those who wish to pursue Science related University courses, we understand that the pressure to excel can be immense. Our Junior College classes first ensure students gain a good grasp of the subject matter, before refining their application skills through exposure to a wide range of practice questions. Additionally, students are well-supported holistically through regular check-ins from our tutors.

Lower Primary

Our Lower Primary Chinese programmes help students establish a strong foundation in their Chinese language skills. From basic grammatical structures to punctuation, students are taught how to communicate and comprehend simple ideas in Chinese. Additionally, they are also exposed to creative writing, honing their ability to articulate specific scenarios clearly and effectively.

Upper Primary

At the Upper Primary level, our Chinese programmes focus on expanding students’ vocabulary and character recognition ability. They’re taught to form more complex sentences and start to learn idioms, proverbs, and literary devices that add depth to their writing. There is a greater focus on exam-based strategies as part of preparation for the PSLE Chinese examination.

Lower Secondary

Students at the Lower Secondary level are taught to develop and articulate their opinions on current affairs. For Secondary School Chinese language classes, we focus on helping students hone their ability to comprehend and answer questions pertaining to more real-life situational pieces.

Upper Secondary

At Secondary 3 and 4, our Chinese tuition classes are structured to ensure students are sufficiently ready for the O and N-Level exams. Students are expected to construct coherent arguments that cover both breadth and depth of content, form links across various topics, and read between the lines for comprehension-based exam components. This can feel rigorous initially, but with regular practice and guidance, students will be able to better cope with the pressure of taking the national exams.

Lower Primary

Our English tuition for Lower Primary school students utilises a comprehensive approach that focuses on establishing a solid English foundation. Our Lower Primary School English students are introduced to a series of pronouns, determiners, prepositions, conjunctions, adverbs, and the basics of composition writing. The goal is to help students learn grammatical knowledge beyond the word, phrase, and sentence level.

Upper Primary

At the Upper Primary level, the emphasis shifts from rudimentary learning to active learning of comprehension and writing skills in preparation for national examinations. Using a suite of editing and cloze exercises, visual text questions, and open-ended questions, we help our students to sharpen their comprehension skills in question analysis, clue sourcing, and inference.

Lower Secondary

Our Secondary school English tuition builds upon the foundation established over the Primary school years by developing students’ capabilities in the areas of listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Our English tuition for Secondary school students focuses on developing their overall mastery of the language in preparation for the more rigorous demands of the Upper Secondary level school examinations.

Upper Secondary

Besides the introduction of new concepts, our Upper Secondary English tuition classes focus on helping students sharpen their critical thinking and writing skills in preparation for the biggest milestone in their education journey yet - the GCE ‘O’ Level English Examination.








鉴于小学和中学数学教学大纲的内容存在较大差异,因此我们的中学低年级课程旨在帮助学生适应新的学习方式。学生将接触到更多现实生活中的问题,并更深入地研究几何、百分比和统计等熟悉的主题。此外,O 和 N 水准(2027年改成SEC考试)数学考试所需的基础分析技能也在这一阶段得到强化。


我们的中学高年级课程同时满足 E-Math 和 A-Math 学生的需求,每个课程都根据课程大纲的严格要求量身定制。每个课程的设计和进度都紧跟国家考试,使学生能够有充分的练习和接触具有挑战性的问题。



Hear what parents and students say about our Math tuition

I had my math and science tuition with them and their lessons (besides reinforcing the content), it has also allowed me to grow my confidence and resilience, especially since my tutors would always be there to encourage me to try again even in the face of setbacks. My tutors are very friendly and they will never fail to build a good rapport with their students, their constant encouragement also seeks to motivate their students to keep persisting in the face of challenges as well. I think the one thing that strikes this tuition centre as different from others is the fact that this place feels like home. Every lesson is stress-free and learning is very joyful. This environment is super conducive to my learning and I always looked forward to attending tuition. The support structure in this tuition centre is also very remarkable, and my Math tutor were always there to support me whenever I needed it. I would recommend eduSpace to my friends and relatives!

Christine Tan

After joining eduSpace I saw a significant difference in my Amath results. With the help of teacher Jovan’s guidance, patience and continuous support, I managed to attain results that I never imagined I could get. Joining eduSpace made me realise that math is not as monstrous as I thought and is enjoyable!

Beverly Chong

After Jerel started attending your Maths tuition centre, he became much more confident in both E and A maths and started having greater interest and motivation to learn and pick up the subject! The tutors at eduSpace also made sure to do regular check-ins on Jerel’s progress and encouraged him The tutor and Jerel’s interaction went beyond just between a teacher and a student, taking on a role of a mentor and giving advice on the subject combinations he could consider after O’ levels I would recommend Eduspace to my friends and relatives as it helped Jerel excel at the subject and even till now shows great interest in learning and improving in the subject.

Sharon Yeo

Other Tuition Programmes.

At eduSpace we offer a wide range of tuition programmes for your child to succeed academically. Give your child a confidence boost through our engaging lessons for the following subjects.
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