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Mention the subject “Chinese” and you’ll often be met with frowns from plenty of students and parents in Singapore. We understand that it’s extremely challenging. Parents that come to us often struggle in helping their child develop an interest in the Chinese language. Sometimes, they feel like giving up on the subject, because it seems like nothing can be done to improve your child’s Chinese grade.

At eduSpace, we sincerely believe that every student can do well in Chinese. As educators who believe in developing your child holistically, our Chinese tutors focus first on building rapport with your child. It’s important that our students feel comfortable in the classroom, as they would naturally become very open to learning. This sets us apart from other Chinese tuition centres, who typically lack that balance between completing the syllabus and student engagement with the course material. Although PSLE Chinese tuition is important to be exam-ready, we believe in equipping your children with full language confidence for the long run.

As a reputable Chinese tuition centre, we're proud to share that many students look forward to tuition classes at eduSpace!

Through personalised guidance from our tutors, and a structured approach toward developing written, verbal, and listening proficiencies, we endeavour to hone our students to become individuals who are confident in using the Chinese language.

How Exam Ready Will My Child Be?

While our Chinese tuition centre ensures that students are equipped with skills to excel in Chinese practical use, we are also prepared to assist them in the PSLE Chinese exam preparations.

We have studied and assessed past examination papers from various schools, such as Nanyang Girls’ High School and Methodist Girls’ School, to be able to provide the students with the knowledge to tackle each question, ranging from Chinese Oral to the challenging PSLE Chinese Composition.

Notably, our Chinese Tutor, 张老师 (Mr Zhang, ex-MOE Teacher) was featured in an interview by Singapore Asia Publishers. He spoke on the recommended ways to learn Chinese as a student. Unlike other centres that may not have the privilege of such experienced tutors, we benefit from the expertise that ex-MOE Chinese teachers are renowned for.

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How Our Classes Help Your Child.

Skill Based Learning

When teaching Chinese, our programmes are intentionally designed around various component-based proficiencies as required by the latest MOE Chinese Syllabus. This ensures your child has enough practice and exposure to hone each skill sufficiently, enabling them to tackle each component of the Chinese paper confidently.

Value-Added Instruction

At eduSpace, we’re here to add value - and not repeat - what has been taught at school. With an ex-MOE teacher on our teaching staff, our Chinese tutors are deeply familiar with the most recent MOE syllabus and its expected learning outcomes. This allows us to supplement your child’s Chinese lessons in school and help them evaluate their own learning by highlighting common mistakes or question-answering techniques to score better grades in any Chinese examination.

Rigorous Exam Preparation

It is one thing to be familiar with the textbook, and another to know how to apply it during the exams. Our carefully curated notes and practice questions ensure students are exposed to a wide variety of Chinese vocabulary, question types, and answering techniques. We also conduct simulated trial exams to ensure they are exam-ready.

Partnering With Parents

As parents ourselves, we understand the importance of partnering with you to ensure your child receives the necessary support required for his or her academic success. As such, we regularly share updates on your child’s progress and offer tips on how you can support your child holistically beyond lessons at eduSpace.

Holistic Enrichment

While our goal is to prepare your child for academic success, it doesn’t end there for us. Your child’s wellbeing is also paramount to us. At eduSpace, we intentionally create a safe and healthy environment for your child to grow in. This allows for the imparting of good values and life lessons, necessary for success beyond the classroom.

Tailored Instruction

We recognise that every student has a unique set of challenges in their Chinese academic journey. Our Chinese tuition teacher actively tailors lessons to meet the needs of each student, while establishing an enjoyable and nurturing learning environment.


What age groups do you cater to?

Our Chinese Tuition is available for Primary and Secondary School students in Singapore.

Lower Primary

At the Lower Primary level, students are exposed to numerical skills and key concepts such as fractions and decimals. Our educators draw from real-life scenarios to help students engage meaningfully with the material. Foundational heuristics, critical thinking and other problem-solving skills are introduced and honed in preparation for your child’s first formal Math exam.

Upper Primary

Advanced concepts such as percentages and mixed numbers are introduced at the Upper Primary level. Math programmes are designed to refine key skills developed in the earlier years. To equip our PSLE students for the exams, our Upper Primary Math Tuition classes will place a heavier emphasis on exam and time management skills, ensuring your child faces the exams with confidence and ease.

Lower Secondary

Given the differences in the Primary and Secondary Math syllabus structures, our Lower Secondary programmes are structured to help students adapt to a new way of learning. Students are exposed to more real-life problems and delve deeper into familiar topics of geometry, percentage, and statistics. Additionally, foundational analytical skills required for the O and N Level Math exams are honed at this stage.

Upper Secondary

Our Upper Secondary programmes cater to both E-Math and A-Math students (Elementary and Additional Maths), each tailored to the rigours of each course syllabus. Each programme is structured and paced with the national exams in mind, enabling students to have ample practice and exposure to challenging questions.

Junior College

A necessary foundation for a wide range of University courses, our Junior College programmes integrate a combination of exam skills, while providing students the opportunities to hone their application and analytical abilities. We understand that the pressure to excel can be immense. As such, students are well-supported holistically through regular check-ins from our tutors.

Lower Primary

Our Science tuition classes at the Primary level focus on honing exam-based skills, while nurturing a sense of confidence and interest in the subject. Our Primary 3 classes are tailored to helping students adjust to Primary School Science.

Upper Primary

Our Upper Primary Science Tuition (Primary 4 and 5 classes) focuses on developing a grasp of the subject matter, refining observational and thinking skills and exam techniques, while developing your child’s confidence in Science. With the PSLE exams on the horizon, our Primary 6 students go through a rigorous revision process to fill in any knowledge gaps. Primary school students are also exposed to challenging questions to stretch their critical thinking skills.

Lower Secondary

Our Lower Secondary Science Science lessons at eduSpace equip students with the necessary skills and attitudes to handle the rigour of Upper Secondary levels. Some emphasis on building confidence is also required to prepare Secondary School students. Content topics come to life with practical examples delivered in an engaging format to nurture your child’s interest in Science, while honing their ability to apply concepts – a critical requirement to score well in Science.

Upper Secondary

Our Upper Secondary Science classes strike a delicate balance between consolidating your child’s understanding of content topics while honing essential exam-based skills. We offer lessons for Secondary students undertaking Pure and Combined Science tracks, for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology for O and N Levels.

Junior College

At eduSpace, our qualified tutor specialises in teaching H2 Physics and Chemistry. A critical requirement for those who wish to pursue Science related University courses, we understand that the pressure to excel can be immense. Our Junior College classes first ensure students gain a good grasp of the subject matter, before refining their application skills through exposure to a wide range of practice questions. Additionally, students are well-supported holistically through regular check-ins from our tutors.

Lower Primary

Our Lower Primary Chinese programmes help students establish a strong foundation in their Chinese language skills. From basic grammatical structures to punctuation, students are taught how to communicate and comprehend simple ideas in Chinese. Additionally, they are also exposed to creative writing, honing their ability to articulate specific scenarios clearly and effectively.

Upper Primary

At the Upper Primary level, our Chinese programmes focus on expanding students’ vocabulary and character recognition ability. They’re taught to form more complex sentences and start to learn idioms, proverbs, and literary devices that add depth to their writing. There is a greater focus on exam-based strategies as part of preparation for the PSLE Chinese examination.

Lower Secondary

Students at the Lower Secondary level are taught to develop and articulate their opinions on current affairs. For Secondary School Chinese language classes, we focus on helping students hone their ability to comprehend and answer questions pertaining to more real-life situational pieces.

Upper Secondary

At Secondary 3 and 4, our Chinese tuition classes are structured to ensure students are sufficiently ready for the O and N-Level exams. Students are expected to construct coherent arguments that cover both breadth and depth of content, form links across various topics, and read between the lines for comprehension-based exam components. This can feel rigorous initially, but with regular practice and guidance, students will be able to better cope with the pressure of taking the national exams.

Lower Primary

Our English tuition for Lower Primary school students utilises a comprehensive approach that focuses on establishing a solid English foundation. Our Lower Primary School English students are introduced to a series of pronouns, determiners, prepositions, conjunctions, adverbs, and the basics of composition writing. The goal is to help students learn grammatical knowledge beyond the word, phrase, and sentence level.

Upper Primary

At the Upper Primary level, the emphasis shifts from rudimentary learning to active learning of comprehension and writing skills in preparation for national examinations. Using a suite of editing and cloze exercises, visual text questions, and open-ended questions, we help our students to sharpen their comprehension skills in question analysis, clue sourcing, and inference.

Lower Secondary

Our Secondary school English tuition builds upon the foundation established over the Primary school years by developing students’ capabilities in the areas of listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Our English tuition for Secondary school students focuses on developing their overall mastery of the language in preparation for the more rigorous demands of the Upper Secondary level school examinations.

Upper Secondary

Besides the introduction of new concepts, our Upper Secondary English tuition classes focus on helping students sharpen their critical thinking and writing skills in preparation for the biggest milestone in their education journey yet - the GCE ‘O’ Level English Examination.










在中三和中四,我们的华文补习课程旨在确保学生为 O 和 N 水准考试(2027改为SEC考试)做好充分准备。我们培养学生构建连贯的论点,增加内容的广度和深度,形成跨不同主题的链接,教会学生阅读和理解字里行间的考试内容。通过不断的练习和指导,学生将能够更好地应对参加全国考试的压力。


Hear what Students and Parents Have To Say About Our Chinese Tuition

The Chinese taught by Mr. Zhang is very good and I can understand it. His teaching method is very good – he patiently guides me in Chinese when I don’t understand certain things.

JK Koh

Very experienced teachers who are not only good at teaching and explaining on the subjects and cater to individual kid’s needs, but also good at motivating kids and helping them to improve their confidence and develop interest in the subjects. Teachers are also very responsible and friendly, always giving regular updates for my daughter’s progress. Highly recommend going there for enrichment programmes.

Birong Chen

Really good and effective teaching at eduspace. This place has helped my siblings and I through primary and secondary school. The teachers are patient and understanding, they are professional and are very engaging. Overall a very positive and effective experience learning with this tuition centre

ZX Thian

Other Tuition Programmes.

At eduSpace we offer a wide range of tuition programmes for your child to succeed academically. Give your child a confidence boost through our engaging lessons for the following subjects.
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