We're committed to realising every student's potential.

We believe that with the right conditions, every student can excel – Regardless of aptitude. At eduSpace, we go the extra mile to provide your child with the support they need for holistic development and excellence.

Proprietary Learning Materials

Students who enrol in our programmes get access to highly curated resources, including our proprietary notes and worksheets – giving them an academic edge.

Our high quality materials are closely aligned with the MOE syllabus, providing students ample practice to master the skills and concepts required to succeed in the PSLE, O, N and A Level exams.

Student-Centred Support

From making time outside lessons to answer questions, to check-ins with students concerning their well-being, every aspect of the eduSpace experience is designed with our students in mind. Parents also receive regular updates about their child’s progress, and get to speak with our tutors on how they can support their child holistically at home.

We also hold seminars for graduating cohorts, providing advice to help navigate transitions and make informed choices on the various educational pathways in the next stage of their academic journey.

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Here's what you can expect at eduSpace.


A Learning Ecosystem for Holistic Success.

In our years of coaching students, we notice that students don’t succeed because of how much time they spend studying. Instead, quality of learning is determined by how well-supported students are in their academic journey.

Students learn best when they’re most comfortable: Many students ‘fear’ or even ‘hate’ certain subjects because of past negative experiences, resulting in an unwillingness to engage with the material. Beyond imparting knowledge, our tutors are here to help students overcome these mental barriers and limiting mindsets. They strive to create a non-judgemental environment where students are not afraid to ask questions, thereby reigniting an interest in the subject matter.

We also believe in working closely with parents to support students beyond the classroom. Communication channels are always open for parents to reach out should they require advice or updates from our tutors to best meet their children's needs.

When students are able to receive the help they need - whether academically, emotionally or psychologically, they will naturally excel holistically.

Our Branches.

All of our centres are conveniently located near residential neighbourhoods. They are well connected to public transport networks, so it's easy to get to class via a short MRT or bus ride.
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927 Yishun Central 1, #01-173
Singapore 760927
Nearest MRT: Yishun

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807 Yishun Ring Rd, #01-4209
Singapore 760927
  Nearest MRT: Khatib

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The Midtown 1187 Upper Serangoon Road #01-48
Singapore 533971
Nearest MRT: Hougang


Meet Our Tutors.

At eduSpace, we recognise the crucial role that tutors play in inspiring and guiding students towards success and holistic development.
Mr Jovan Lim
Primary, Secondary & Junior College
Mr Jayden Lim
Primary & Secondary
Mr Lawrence Lau
Primary & Secondary
Ms Kwah Yan Sin
Primary & Secondary
Mr Kelvin Zhang
Primary & Secondary
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