Having struggled with English as a subject in her earlier years, Yan Sin knows exactly how it feels as a student who excels in Mathematics and the Sciences but not in the English language. As she continued her academic journey, she eventually grew proficient in the language, enabling her to successfully pursue a Bachelor’s degree at the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT).

Yan Sin has a wealth of teaching experience under her belt. Her earliest experiences with teaching date back to her Secondary school days, where she volunteered to guide her peers who were weaker in their studies. As a Polytechnic student, she volunteered to teach children from low-income families for 3 years. During which, she also took up private tutoring on a part-time basis. Most notably, Yan Sin took up relief teaching in MOE schools before officially joining eduSpace. 

Yan Sin’s personal story fuels her work as an educator today: She aspires to impart the same knowledge, frameworks, and techniques she used for herself, to help other students gain proficiency in English. She firmly believes that with the right guidance and learning environment, anyone can improve their grasp of the English language.

My son was start tuition here since P3, early stage was difficult to follow, but now he has improve a lot on English, Math and Science. Great job to Teacher and thanks for everything

Parent of eduSpace student Liaw Jiale

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