Previously an ex-A*Star researcher before co-founding eduSpace, Jovan possesses a wealth of expertise in the field of Applied Mathematics and Engineering. Lessons conducted by Jovan are well enriched with interesting real-life examples that pique the curiosity of students, leaving them wanting to learn more.  

Jovan’s commitment to his students is evident when he makes extra time - outside of class - to ensure students grasp Math concepts well. No question is too difficult for students. They’d only need the right concept, framework, or answering technique to approach even the most challenging questions with confidence and ease. 

A strong advocate for holistic learning, parents and students regularly commend Jovan’s ability to help students thrive - not just academically, but also cope with the pressures of student life. From lighthearted check-ins with students to keeping communication lines open with parents, Jovan has been an invaluable source of support to students and parents in his 10+ years as an educator.

My son was happy to be taught by Tutor Jovan. He said his teaching skills are good and he cares for his student by finding time to go though till they understand and get it right. Friendly and passionate in his teaching. I’m glad I found the right place for my child!

Cheryl Ong
Parent of eduSpace student

What Parents & Students Say.

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