Jayden was formerly a student in the Normal Technical (NT) stream back in Secondary school. He eventually graduated with a Engineering degree from Nanyang Technological University, and worked at ST Electronics prior to becoming an educator at eduSpace.

Having taken a longer educational path, Jayden is well aware of the challenges students face and how to overcome them. He believes that the key to academic excellence is not dependent on route memorisation or the number of practice papers one has completed. From teaching methods that help students grasp Mathematical concepts with ease, to holistic approaches to studying, Jayden helps students thrive not just academically, but with their well-being in mind. 

A firm believer that every student has the potential for excellence, Jayden often shares his life experiences, hoping that it might encourage the next generation to dream big and believe that their aspirations are actually attainable.

eduSpace really help me improve my math and science. The teaching method were precise and straight forward,easy to understand. I join eduspace ever since I enter secondary school, and especially for math tution, Jayden would always teach us faster method in order to attain the answer to the question which save me a lot of time during my exam.

Oh Jia Hui
eduSpace student

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