February 8, 2024

MOE School Holidays 2024 (With Infographics)

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Marking your calendars alongside the Ministry of Education (MOE) School Holidays in 2024 is crucial to planning your child’s academic year, especially for upcoming exam-takers. 

Do note that some of the dates mentioned below may be subject to change.

Overview of MOE School Holidays 2024 in Singapore

It’s important to understand that the MOE School Holidays for 2024 in Singapore are divided into:

  • School Terms
  • School Holidays

These MOE School Holidays offer students a chance to unwind, pursue personal interests, and engage in enriching activities beyond the classroom.

When Are The Singapore School Terms For 2024?

There are 4 School Terms in Singapore: Term I, Term II, Term III and Term IV. The table below outlines the exact 2024 dates for Primary School, Secondary School and Junior College students.

The school terms and holidays provide structure to the academic year and are essential for planning educational activities and school holiday plans. Check the start and end dates for each term, to ensure a smooth transition between sessions throughout the school year.

We created a shareable infographic of the Singapore School Terms for 2024

Do note, these school terms also apply to Junior College students and Millennia Institute, except Term IV being held from 9 September to 22 November, or GCE A-Level examinations.

When Are The Singapore School Holidays For 2024?

The 4 scheduled School Holiday dates in 2024 are held at the end of each term in:

  • March
  • May to June
  • August to September
  • November to December 

These consist of 2 longer month-long holidays (June & December) and 2 shorter week-long holidays (March & September).

We created a shareable infographic of the Singapore School Holidays for 2024

During school terms and Singapore school holidays, both primary and secondary school students can explore their interests, participate in holiday programs, and spend valuable time with family and friends. 

Understanding the four vacation periods helps in making the most of these breaks and creating memorable experiences for students in both Primary and Secondary Schools.

It’s recommended that students balance their school year with co-curricular activities (CCAs) and supplementary tuition if they are struggling with certain subjects.

At eduSpace, we offer value-packed “Tuition Bootcamps” over the school holidays to bring students back up to speed for subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, and Chinese.

When Are The 2024 Public Holidays In Singapore?

In addition to school and scheduled school holidays, Singapore observes several public holidays throughout the year. These holidays are an integral part of the nation's cultural and religious diversity. 

Students will not be required to attend school on these Public Holidays unless otherwise stated. For eduSpace students, any lessons that fall on public holidays will be cancelled. 

Here’s the full list of Public Holidays in Singapore for 2024 and their significance. We have also provided a summary table below, including the long weekends for public holidays that fall on Monday or Friday.

Here's our shareable infographic of the Public Holidays in Singapore for 2024

New Year's Day

1 Jan 2024 (Monday)

New Year's Day is a public holiday that marks the beginning of a new chapter.

Chinese New Year

12 Feb 2024 (Monday) and 13 Feb 2024 (Tuesday)

Counted as an off-in-lieu for 11 February, 12 February 2024 is considered a public holiday for Chinese New Year. Embrace the festivities and traditions as Singapore welcomes the Year of the Dragon during this joyous occasion.

Good Friday

29 March 2024 (Friday)

A day of solemn observance for Christians, Good Friday is a time for reflection and religious observance.

Hari Raya Puasa

10 April 2024 (Wednesday)

Join in the celebration of the end of Ramadan (fasting month) with Hari Raya Puasa, a significant Muslim festival. The designated day may be subject to change.

Labour Day

1 May 2024 (Wednesday)

Honouring the contributions of workers, Labour Day is a time to recognise the achievements of the labour force.

Vesak Day

22 May 2024 (Wednesday)

A day of reflection and devotion for Buddhists, Vesak Day commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death of Buddha.

Hari Raya Haji

17 June 2024 (Monday)

Celebrating the end of the Hajj pilgrimage, Hari Raya Haji is a time for prayer, reflection, and feasting.

Youth Day

1 July 2024 (Monday)

Dedicated to the youth of Singapore, Youth Day falls on 1 July to recognise the energy, creativity, and potential of the younger generation.

National Day

9 August 2024 (Friday)

Singapore's National Day is a time for patriotism and celebration, marking the nation's independence.

Teachers' Day

30 August 2024 (Friday)

Show appreciation for the dedicated educators shaping the future of Singapore on this special day.

Children's Day

4 October 2024 (Friday)

A day dedicated to the youngest members of society, Children's Day is all about fun, laughter, and appreciation.


31 October 2024 (Thursday)

Known as the Festival of Lights, Deepavali is a Hindu festival symbolising the triumph of light over darkness.

Christmas Day

25 December 2024 (Wednesday)

Wrap up the year with joy and festivities as Singapore celebrates Christmas Day.

Will There Be PSLE Exams in 2024?

Yes. Like every year prior, students from primary schools will attend the PSLE exams to enter secondary school. The exams will be first held in August and the last exams will be held in October. 

We created a shareable image of the tentative PSLE Examination Calendar for 2024

The oral examination will be held between 13 and 14 August, while listening comprehension will be held on 13 September. 

The written paper exams will be held on 26 September throughout the day for both English Papers 1 & 2 and Foundation English Papers 1 & 2. The Mathematics exam will be held on the following day, 27 September throughout the day for both Mathematics Papers 1 & 2 and Foundation Mathematics Papers 1 & 2. 

In the following week, the PSLE Mother Tongue (which the students choose between Chinese, Malay, Tamil Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Panjabi, or Urdu) exam will be held on 30 September for Papers 1 & 2 and Foundation Chinese, Foundation Malay or Foundation Tamil Paper 1. 

The Science Written Exam follows on 1 October, for both Science and Foundation Science. The last paper held will be the Higher Mother Tongue Written Exam for Higher Chinese, Higher Malay, or Higher Tamil Papers 1 & 2.

Do note that these dates are currently tentative and may be subject to change.

Ensure that your child is prepared for this major examination throughout the academic year, as it holds great importance to their education progression. 

How to Stay Organised During the Academic Year?

To help you stay organised, consider downloading the official 2024 Calendar of Singapore's public holidays provided by the Ministry of Manpower. You can easily upload this into any Google or Apple Calendar. This handy tool will keep you informed and assist in planning your activities effectively, between family time, tuition, and co-curricular time. 

As you gear up for the MOE School Holidays 2024, make the most of these breaks by enjoying a well-deserved rest, pursuing your passions, and creating lasting memories with friends and family. 

Let’s have a fulfilling and enriching academic year ahead together!

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